Lierac Skincare Philosophy

b.a.c.a t.u.l.i.s.a.n d.i.

When deciding to put your skin on a natural skin care regime, it is very essential to choose the spot on type of products. Just because a product is all-natural, does not meant that its elements will be just right for you.


Do not get me wrong, it is great to use a product with no additional chemicals, and inconsiderate detergents that are clearly poor choices for our skin. However, some natural ingredients were not intended to be used on skin, and can originate mild to major irritation. Many manufacturers situate the word all-natural on the product, and increase the price thinking that customers will be ignorant of the quality. Everyone must be concerned about the ingredients of a product and must get maximum knowledge prior to purchasing it.

Keep in mind many great natural skin care products are out there that are just alright. Getting you in the pattern of researching this by yourself will not only help your skin, but it will also help you to be more well versed and alert when new merchandise hits the shelves. However, to reduce your hassle of scouting around, following is a range of natural skin care products that should be found in the handbag of every woman. They are from the globally renowned Lierac Laboratories.

Established in 1975 by a physician specialising in esthetical medicine, Lierac Laboratories merge skin care with high technology in order to provide women eager to care for their beauty assets with targeted solutions for their face, and body.

A detailed and high-end brand name, Lierac Laboratories has become the experts of active phyto-cosmetics with physiological and healing benefits for the skin, especially in the field of age-defence skin care; thanks to their exceptionally firm scientific approach.