The Basics of Ladies Perfume

b.a.c.a t.u.l.i.s.a.n d.i.

Scent is a tangible and powerful force. It is commonly thought that the smell of food contributes to its taste. Smell can be attracting or repulsive. The aroma that is left behind of a lover on clothing or bedding can trigger emotions and memories.


There are human pheromones in many perfumes used for the purpose of attracting the opposite sex. Certain smells can boost a woman’s confidence, making her feel attractive and sexy. The right fragrance can keep someone interested longer as they linger over the enticing smell instead of only focusing on the conversation and appearance of a person.

There are plenty of bonuses to perfume, but there are also things a lady must consider in order to utilize perfume effectively.

Different perfumes will react differently with different skin types. What works best for your sister or best friend may not be the right fragrance for you. If you have dry or oily skin, sensitive skin, or allergies then it is important to test a perfume for a day before purchasing to avoid skin irritation and other problems. There are fragrances that work better during the day and others that do better in the evening. Subtle scents during the daylight hours work best, especially in the warmer months, as heat can intensify a smell making it stronger. Go for a stronger smell in the evening, one that will last longer and work its alluring magic while you are out.